Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Red Bug

My girlfriend, Val, bought a new car. Her daughter, Julia is one af Hannah's best friends so she took the girls to get a yogurt and drive around with the top down. I think the girls thought they won the lottery!!! Georgia said her dream came true to drive in a convertible. Nothing better than enjoying the journey!!!
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Two week break

Yes folks, that's right we have a two week break from school. It started last Friday and the kids don't go back until Oct. 14th. I guess starting school the last week of July isn't so bad now that we've hit our fall break. Life is great when everyone is home and we don't have any homework or school projects to do. I let the boys stay up and watch TLC with me last night. Too funny, it was a show about a Mom and Dad who have 17 kids and went to NYC to visit the Today Show. And I thought helping four kids with homework is a challenge? They are all home schooled too, which is a whole other blog, if you know what I mean. Quite Amazing!!! TLC is awesome...so is October.

Game On

Don't mess with Hannah. She's a scoring machine. She wins every time! I wonder if it has anything to do with the Big brothers teaching her tricks?

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Georgia's Birthday

Georgia is now seven and had a wonderful birthday dinner. I made tortilla soup, Josh and Maria's corn muffins(loved them,thanks guys!), spinach enchiladas, thanks for the recipe Martha Stewart. It was fantastic. Sorry, I forgot to take photos of the food...next time. We all had our own individual pizookies for dessert with vanilla ice cream on top. Life is good with tasty food, good friends and a birthday to celebrate.( Notice how tan Georgia looks. She and her two friends found my bronzer, hence the healthy glow!!! )
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Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Georgia!!!

Dear Georgia,
I love you!!! I am so excited that we get to celebrate your birthday today. I have never seen anyone so excited to turn 7 in all my life. You are so wonderful! You make every day better. I am so glad that you are my daughter. Thanks for being you! One of a kind, original, YOU!!! XOXO- Mom ( p.s. I made a giant pizookie just for you)
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Georgia will turn 7 on Friday. She is a lot like me when it comes to having a birthday week (or month) instead of just one day to celebrate. You just can't do enough birthday fun in one day, right? Carpe Diem
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Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11th

How can we ever forget that dreadful day 7 years ago? I know I won't. I was just about ready to give birth to Miss Georgia and very emotional. I don't think we turned off the T.V. for days, just watching the grief stricken families and crying along with them. Who can forget Lisa Beamer and her story of her courageous husband? 
 As I stood at the children's school this morning reciting the pledge, as I do on many days, I said it louder than normal with more American Pride, I am so thankful to live in America! I don't appreciate people not stopping and pledging, or people talking during the pledge, or people not looking at the flag or people from other countries who take advantage of our Government programs after moving here but can't, out of respect for others, just be quiet while We pledge. I guess I have a lot of "Boy Scout" in me, as a mother of Scouts. Nope, I am just an America who was saddened that day in September and wants a of moment of peace for those who fight for our freedom and those who went before us!
p.s. Happy Birthday Erin G. XOXOXo