Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blogger Remorse

Where do I begin to even touch the regret I feel from not blogging for so long. One month has gone by(where did it go?) Since then I have a lot to catch up on; Utah in June for Josh and Maria's wedding(previous post), Costa Rica with the family, Santa Cruz, twice, because we could... and the kids already went back to school yesterday. It was quite a disappointment because I LOVE having them home. No stress, no HOMEWORK, late night T.V., good talks, Swimming all day and relaxing all the time. It is a bummer that it went so quickly.
 2008 was a summer to remember,one of the greatest, that is for sure. Did I mention that I turned 40??? The big 4- 0!!! All I have done over the last week is eat!!! Thanks to all who sent me flowers and chocolate and showered me with gifts...it ALMOST made it worth it. The photos are coming.