Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Food and other random thoughts

So I went grocery shopping today. Fun, right??? Not so much. Just another mundane task,you say, Well, I did get a little excited because Fall is in the air and everybody knows that cooking is just "WAY" better in the fall. There are so many yummy and delicious meals that just taste better in the cooler weather. Anyhow, Safeway was all a glow in holiday food displays. I almost jumped for joy just seeing the assortment and choices of chocolate bark and other holiday items that usually aren't front and center during the year. There were, also, more figs and candied fruit than I have noticed before. ( Note to self, please don't start baking fruit cake before Thanksgiving, or never, What is the shelf life of dates and figs anyway?) So, once again the food tastes better during the holidays AND the calories are scaring me because the pounds don't come off anymore. I'm off to make hot chocolate.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Poor neglected blog!

I have been a terrible blogger...and I say this much too frequently. Now our PC has something disturbing going on and I can't get my photos from all of our summer fun to place on my ever-so neglected blog! What to do- what to do? ( Does anyone really like blogs without photos??? For little kids, it's like a book without beautiful illustrations. Much better with a little picture every now and then.) Ohhh, and it is already October. I've missed July, August and September. I think the husband, kids, school, church, sports, and life got into the way of my blog...they have a way of doing that! Anyway, we have a two week "Fall Break" and it is actually quite magical. No early morning seminary to drive Patrick to, no homework to stay up and help with, that equals no voice raising for late night procrastinators, no stress of schedules, just bike rides, a few soccer games(they NEVER end) and great conversation about what to do after sleeping longer than normal. Life is good, isn't it?