Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December 16th

Yep, today is Dec. 16th. We have yet to TAKE our Christmas photo! If we could somehow "photoshop" Sean into the photo it might be a lot easier. He has been out of town for what seems like weeks now. He was able to make it home last night around 6:45 p.m. for the white elephant gift exchange with the YM/YW at our house; off to Seattle until Friday. Saturday looks good. Maybe the cards can be postmarked before the 24th- that my friends, would be a Christmas Miracle. Hope you are enjoying the season and not feeling too overwhelmed. I am in a "unrushed" mode, which is wonderful-hence the delayed photo!


Jennie said...

We love you guys so much that we are willing to be very patient to see you all in print.

Have a great holiday!

Amy said...

I have lost your address. Email it to me at

I will send a card. Are you still on Keigle Way?? Giggle everytime I say that!

Allison Box said...

No worries Suz. We can do without a card. We would rather see you in person anyway. But that probably isn't possible this Christmas either. The unrushed Christmas is the best kind of Christmas!