Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Food and other random thoughts

So I went grocery shopping today. Fun, right??? Not so much. Just another mundane task,you say, Well, I did get a little excited because Fall is in the air and everybody knows that cooking is just "WAY" better in the fall. There are so many yummy and delicious meals that just taste better in the cooler weather. Anyhow, Safeway was all a glow in holiday food displays. I almost jumped for joy just seeing the assortment and choices of chocolate bark and other holiday items that usually aren't front and center during the year. There were, also, more figs and candied fruit than I have noticed before. ( Note to self, please don't start baking fruit cake before Thanksgiving, or never, What is the shelf life of dates and figs anyway?) So, once again the food tastes better during the holidays AND the calories are scaring me because the pounds don't come off anymore. I'm off to make hot chocolate.


Jennie said...

I had the same thoughts the other day when I saw all of the baking supplies displayed at the front of the store. Too bad I don't bake. :) I have to rely upon others for my sweet treats. :)

Life on Pelican Street said...

1. Agreed!
2. Pour me a glass too!

Angie said...

I totally agree...I love Fall mostly for all of the yummy food that we get to eat :).

Janene said...


I just found your blog! Your kids are so grown up!