Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Patrick is 14!!!

Patrick turned 14 today on the 14th, yes it is his golden birthday. It will be a week long celebration for sure,that's how we do it over here. Cake and more cake!!!
Patrick, I love you and I am glad that you make me laugh so hard that I cry. I love your sense of humor and your zest for life. I hope you have a great day. Get excited because now you can go to ALL of the church dances! XOXO, MOMPosted by PicasaP.S. Yes I will post baby pictures soon, just like I did for Sam. (Patrick was one of THE cutest babies in the world!)


Jennie said...

Patrick! I can't believe it. You are such the man! The next thing you know, your mom is going to be posting about your mission call! :)

Lydia said...

Wow 14, I guess we are just a couple months behind you. Happy Birthday Patrick.

Life on Pelican Street said...

Happy B-Day Puffy!!!!!